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SURVEY: “Music and Us”

We are students of secondary 7 at Lycée Edgar Faure and we carried out a survey on the cultural practices of high school students, Points2Shop Review and especially their relation to music.

For this reason we interviewed two classes of the vocational high school and compared the results to those obtained at national level for different age groups.

For the class of BMA Bijouterie: According
to our results we note that their musical styles are RnB, rock and electro while the elders (of 60 years and more) listen more classical music and French variety and n ‘ Listen to little or no RnB.
We can see that almost 90% of students in this class listen to music every day,unlike older people, for example, over 24% of French people aged 65 and over do not listen to music.
BMA students are more interested in rhythm or melody than lyrics.
Most interviewees listen to music while doing an activity,

Young people are more likely to listen to music on the computer while older listeners listen to CDs. Finally 70% of the young people interviewed have already gone to a concert.
For the CAP class:
Boys listen to rap, electro and reggae. Rap is one of the favorite music genres. Boys listen to music every day on the internet or on their phone. What interests them the most are the words then the rhythm and the melody. Students in this class listen to music by going to high school, doing homework, doing sports, dreaming.

Half of the boys have already gone to a concert.

When compared with other men in the French population, 15% of 15 -30-year-olds listen to HBP and 7% of the electro, whereas men aged 63 and over do not listen at all.

Then we found that 100% of the boys in the class studied listened to music every day but in the national poll 50% of men aged 15 to 30 listen to music every day and only 20% in men of 63 Years and over.

Lastly, in the class studied, 70% listen to their music via Internet, compared with 36% of men aged 15 to 30 and 2% of men aged 63 and over.


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