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Programming kitchen for singers

The culinary talent of TVE will count tonight with the participation of artists such as Niña Pastori, Manuel Carrasco or Pablo López. The France-Albania of the Eurocup, ‘Invictus’ and the first match of the Endesa League final, also today on television

Macarena de Castro, chef of the Jardín restaurant, will teach aspirants the secrets of vegetarian cuisine. Without knowing it, the contestants will cook for some of the most important singers in the country, such as Manuel Carrasco, Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, José Mercé, Antonio Carmona, Niña Pastori and Diana Navarro. The best test cook will get the golden apron, which will lead you directly to the semifinal of ‘MasterChef’.

In the outdoor event, the applicants will anchor in the bay of Palma, in Puerto Portals (Mallorca), one of the most prestigious nautical resorts in the Mediterranean celebrating its 30th anniversary. There they will work like authentic professionals taking care of the commands of the yachts of the port in 20 minutes.

Singers Carolina Cerezuela and Jaime Anglada, model Lorena Bernal and exfutbolistas Alfonso Pérez and Iván Campo, among other guests, will enjoy this lunch. During the test, the candidates will have the support and advice of Vicky Pulgarín, the winner of ‘MasterChef’ 2.

The black aprons will have to learn a lot from the sea to save them from the expulsion, since in the last test of the night, the chef of the Sea Ángel León (two Michelin stars) will challenge the aspirants to cook three different dishes with fish in 30, 20 and 10 minutes. The aspirant who does not deserve to be in the semifinal will have to hang his apron and leave the kitchens Delta Faucet of ‘MasterChef’).

The Cantabrian artist will attend the program to celebrate the success of his new album, ‘Amor de los dos’, the tenth album of his career, an album of versions of Mexican songs produced by Jorge Avendaño and, from the very day of its publication , On June 3, was number 1 on iTunes.

In this work of fourteen songs, Bustamante versions the great classics of music from Mexico, from ‘Bésame’ a lot to ‘History of a love’, and also includes duets with great artists from that country like Alejandro Fernández, Alicia Villarreal or Edith Márquez .

Macarena and Zulema exchange their roles in the new ‘Vis a vis’ (22:40)

The roles have been reversed: while Macarena maintains order in prison with the help of the dams that now work for her, Zulema strives to be a model of good behavior, pending negotiations with Castillo. With Susana and her husband the dead kidnapper, Zulema is the only one who knows where Amaia was locked up. Castillo needs it, even if he has to undergo his blackmail.

Anabel left seclusion and has received his first revenge: Curls has broken ankles. Now Anabel has a vis a vis and knows that they will be careful in the searches later, in case she has decided to take the opportunity to replenish the merchandise she sells inside Cruz del Sur. However, Macarena does not want to leave room for doubt and that is done again with the marketing of drugs in jail, so that his cronies brutally register again to make sure he does not carry anything.

Roman recovered the three million euros that Zulema hid in Morocco, although they cost him a hand. That money is what Macarena needs to escape. For the moment, Ferreiro must go to a hearing with the judge for the murder of Karim, and Fabio will accompany him will the prey use his departure to undertake a new escape?

Rizos has to assume that his story with Macarena is over, so he resumes his relationship with Saray. The gypsy is happier than ever because it seems that, for the first time, the mulatto included her in her plans for the future.

Sole and Fernando have their first couple crisis. He asks him to talk to a criminal lawyer to review his sentence and that he can leave before jail, but Sole does not want to. This first crisis will have an unexpected end for everyone.

Miranda seeks advice and support from Sandoval; Investors are still pressuring her and Dr. Sandoval is always willing to help her … to make the most of the situation.


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