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Mythos, Clay Paky’s Musical Show Projector

The Mythos projector from the Clay Paky brand is characterized by its versatility, precision and power, which has led to numerous international awards and recognition in important shows such as the Super Bowl or Eurovision .

Mythos, is the first 470W projector that allows spot and beam in a single device, producing a light beam defined and equipped with a zoom ranging from 4 ° to 50 °. Its light beam is luminous and with perfectly defined edges, adaptable to all types of applications.

This projector was one of the luminaires used in the last edition of Eurovision, which took place last Saturday in Stockholm. Clay Paky, subsidiary of Osram, was in charge of illuminating the performers in this musical spectacle.

Its optics allows to change from spot to beam with an angle of only 0.5º. With a distance kilometer, it offers a beam parallel to the lens and allows to use the gobos offering very dynamic effects.

Transition of colors and filters

Zoom is optimized for focus, which is independent of fixed and rotating gobos. Its movements are smooth, fast and quiet, offering a wide range of visual effects thanks to its fixed and rotating gobos, and to its visual graphic disc that rotates not only at different speeds, but also in both directions. In this way, it makes possible the overlapping gobos.

On the other hand, its CMY allows to mix colors thanks to being equipped with a fixed color range, passing from one to another through a smooth transition. It also has two CTO filters and one CTB, which allows for pastel colors. Its high-precision attenuator and variable frequency strobe effect make it a very complete lamp.

The novel Mythos allows you to switch to a minimum fixed beam angle of just 2.5 °. Its light comes out of the front lens and remains parallel throughout its length, even at great distances. Mythos is a very versatile and indispensable tool in any production.

Clay Paky’s official distributor in Spain is Stonex . With more than 35 years of experience in the show business, Stonex offers comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and lighting to professional use. You can visit here


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