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Does a tenant have to clean up at the end of the lease cleaning contract?

At the time the lease is terminated, your tenant must return your house or apartment in a clean state of cleanliness, provided that he has also received it in such a state of cleanliness. You can specify in the lease contract what you mean by ‘clean state of cleanliness’.

At the time your tenant leaves the rental house, he / she is required to carry all his or her belongings. Moreover, the house must be suitable for its departure. What this state of cleanliness exactly means can be discussed. In order to avoid any dispute, you can specify in the lease contract what you expect precisely from your tenant. For example, you may agree that your tenant must thoroughly clean the dwelling (including the kitchen, bathroom, closets, etc.) after moving all of his or her belongings.



At the end of the lease contract, draw up an inventory of the places of exit with your tenant. Describe the condition of the dwelling. Also have this inventory checked by your tenant.


If the home is not clean or if the tenant has not done what is mentioned in the lease agreement, try to find an agreement with him. For example, you may agree that you can have your house cleaned by a Vacate cleaning Melbourne service at your own expense (in which case you will deduct the cost of cleaning the rental guarantee). In particular, you can suggest a few names and addresses of cleaning services and have your tenant sign the agreement for the cleaning work done by one of these companies.



If you can not find an agreement with your tenant and you want to obtain compensation, because the home is not returned in a clean state, you must then take legal action before the justice of the peace. Think carefully beforehand if the game is worth the candle. Be aware that if you have not prepared an inventory at the beginning of the lease, your tenant could argue that the house was not clean either when he took possession of it.


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