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Artist turned in a kayak at sea with her twins

Conductor Paola Rojas, singer Daniela Magun and actresses Geraldine Bazán and Andrea Torre are part of the campaign of the “Army of Moms say yes of Danonino” who this morning offered a workshop in the Park Pilares of Colonia Del Valle where they shared Their experiences during the process of seeing their children grow.

Under the motto “Say yes to the autonomy of your children,” the celebrities spoke of the importance it represents for them to foster dependence on infants who carry the parent-child relationship to give them that confidence and freedom in small adventures to develop his identity.

“When I started to be a mom I was very careful, and I was not going to fall, and I was very protective, so I realized that with that they were afraid children, insecure and now they do all kinds of activities to feel safe,” he told JDS The news driver who confirmed that her new broadcast will be called “Al aire con Paola Rojas”.

Returning from a trip in Los Cabos, he told an anecdote with his twins Paulo and Leonardo, 7, in the sea. “We were in the sea and we saw a group of dolphins but I thought it was a good idea to get into the 2 man kayak and get a little closer, then the kayak was turned, but we are from the sea and we look for ways to get in.

“I was not scared, I was able to keep calm, I was able to calm them down, then I kayak them, and I put them first, I help them to get out where they do not stick, they breathe, I said, ‘Calm down, The kayak turned down and I climbed one on each side to have balance and then I sat back as if I were a horse and paddled to the shore, “said the wife of Luis Roberto Alves.

This was a way of exploring this autonomy that the children should have, such is the case of Geraldine Bazán who has also been a protective mother of her little girls, Elisa Marie and Miranda, but thanks to this campaign she has managed to set the course.

“I’m learning from this Army and I’ve learned from an early age that we have to be able to make decisions and we’re going to make mistakes as adults,” said Geraldine, declaring herself a mother hen because she often cares that her daughters do not pass up anything when the reality is that Must have some autonomy.

In the case of Daniela Magún, who is a mother of two children Julian, 7, and Liam, 3, says that today women must be multifaceted and has been able to combine their work with the Kabah tours at the same time to give her Space to her children, although she counts on the support of her husband, she is one of the three parties.

“I have been able to do well, I have been very aware of seeing my children, to see what their needs are in school, with their teachers and I have realized that as women we can be wives, mothers, professionals and not miss our Children, “he concluded.

The campaign continues its march through several states of the Republic where artists along with a larger Army continue giving this workshop to hundreds of mothers supported by Dr. Nancy Steinberg, who serves as the head of this campaign in favor of autonomy children.


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