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A kayaker and musician use the oil left to fry potatoes as fuel to travel around the country

Two young adventurers from Bariloche visited our editorial office to tell us about the travel details they are making in the country, which began a few days ago but without a certain date of return.

René Amblitti, a musician, and Daniel Rodríguez, a kayaker, are the friends who will travel in their truck fueled with oil used potato chips the routes of Argentina and Chile, and in the localities where they make stopover, they ask for the local rotiserias Fryers for use as fuel.

During his visit to San Rafael and our environment, René explained that “we are actually creating a precedent, we are encouraged because we have been investigating, and any gas-powered vehicle can use this type of fuel.” They pointed out that “we ordered the oil, we filtered it and added it in the tank … and it works normally”. They added that “we can use any kind of oil, sunflower, soy, it seems half taboo, but actually can be used perfectly well, and contaminates less,” he said.

For his part, Daniel said that “our idea is to reach Central America, Colombia or Ecuador, and el test más grande del 2017 show that it is a normal way to travel. The consumption of the truck is equal to diesel, we make about 100 kilometers with 10 liters of oil, but it’s hard to get it, despite being burned oil that no one uses and is thrown away.

And he completed the information confirming that “we put together the oil we got in a drums that we used a filter and we passed it to a tank and let it rest all night, and the next day we have fuel to continue our journey. Although when we walk is a bit of a smell of fried (laughs), it is an alternative fuel to diesel that people do not know or are not encouraged to use, being that does not do anything to the engine according to what we explained people who Use it, “he concluded.

These adventurers asked the San Raffaele to save their fryers oil and they will pass to remove it, so they left their telephone contact 2944311318 or 2944322588, or through Facebook to Daniel Rodriguez Clayton.


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