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7 Spectacular Celebrity and Artist Weight Loss

Yes, like the commoner of mortals, the mega stars US have their lot of worries weight. Not easy when you are greedy, of a natural round or subject to stress, to maintain its weight form (and often much less) in an environment where the diktat of extreme thinness makes law. For health reasons, Milagro Pastillas feel better or needs a role, these stars have grown drastically. The results are impressive!

Jennifer Hudson (34) became known to the American public for her vocal performances on the American Idol reality show . Her performances as an actress in the musical drama Dreamgirls earned her an Oscar in a supporting role in 2007, which earned her an international reputation. At the time, Jennifer Hudson was a strong Gironde. Following her delivery in 2009, the pretty artist, evil in her skin, decided to take charge in hand to lighten as healthily as possible of her extra pounds. She says that she followed the famous Weight Watchers diet to the letter , accompanying her with sports sessions. Jennifer Hudson has lost no less than 36 kilos and is more radiant than ever! A great success, lasting moreover.

Like a number of women, pop singer and actress Janet Jackson (49) is a follower of the yoyo effect , still oscillating between spectacular catches and equally spectacular weight losses.


Formerly round, Nicole Richie (34) , adopted daughter of singer Soul Lionel Richie, discovered in the reality show little interest Simple Life , melted in a flash thanks to the good advice stylist & relookeuse stars Rachel Zoé . Results? The now stylish hyppie chic in the wind, wife of Joel Madden and mom of two children is regularly taxed with anorexic. His silhouette hyper frail and bony poses indeed question.


Successful rapper and producer Timbaland (44) has shed 60 kilos in 8 months. Wow, hats down! It is on his Instagram account that the artist posted a photo of his incredible weight loss, legend:  “In the past eight months, I have lost more than 60 kilos.” Thanks to my positive frame of mind, I knew that I had to take the initiative to be happy and healthy. When you realize that the only thing that keeps you from accomplishing your goals is doubt, you must wake up and continue the fight You have to do it for yourself, do it for yourself, live for yourself, honor yourself, never lose sight of it. Respect!



It is to play the role of a football player with cancer in the film Things Fall Apart , that the rapper 50 Cent (40 years) with salient and supra-drawn muscles, did not hesitate to lose 25 Kilos in record time (barely 2 months) in 2010. Since then, 50 cent has regained its muscular build. We are, I believe, numerous to appreciate it thus!


The talk show host Oprah Winfrey (62), the pop star of the small American dormer, author of a brace of best-sellers , an Oscar-nominated actress, an experienced businesswoman and incontestable people , has always struggled against her Kilos superfluous. Oprah is also a member of the board of directors of Weight Watchersin 2015. Still a convinced follower of this diet but with the pounds still recalcitrant …


The Gray’s Anatomy , Scandal , Private Practice and Murder  series are the resounding success of discrete director and screenwriter Shonda Rimes (46). More than busty in the past, Shonda Rimes is today a new woman, transformed, transformed and full of life after losing more than 50 kilos! Her motivation: to be healthy to see her three little girls grow and flourish. His secret? There is no such thing as a healthier diet and sports, which Shonda Rimes admits to having hated! And most certainly a sports coach , a cook and a nutritionist.


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