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Latest News - 02/05/10

A recent review of Michael Martin Murphey's Buckaroo Blue Grass II states, "..with Carrie Hassler's great vocals on the duet Wildfire is still arguably the standout track...


(click title) - including her duet with Michael Martin Murphey, France tour and Zach mentions.

"I Can Go Back Anytime" #17 on WCYO Radio’s “Bluegrass Express” TOP SONGS OF 2009 (hosted by Charlie Hall)

“Second Chances” Chosen in Bluegrass Radio Networks TOP PICKS OF 2009

Michael Martin Murphey has released his brand new single “Wildfire.” As an added bonus he brought in the hit female bluegrass star Carrie Hassler to duet on the remade version of the song that was recorded just two weeks prior to the recent IBMA’s in Nashville.

7 Spectacular Celebrity and Artist Weight Loss

Yes, like the commoner of mortals, the mega stars US have their lot of worries weight. Not easy when you are greedy, of a natural round or subject to stress, to maintain its weight form (and often much less) in an environment where the diktat of extreme thinness makes law. For health reasons, Milagro Pastillas feel better or needs a role, these stars have grown drastically. The results are impressive!

Jennifer Hudson (34) became known to the American public for her vocal performances on the American Idol reality show . Her performances as an actress in the musical drama Dreamgirls earned her an Oscar in a supporting role in 2007, which earned her an international reputation. At the time, Jennifer Hudson was a strong Gironde. Following her delivery in 2009, the pretty artist, evil in her skin, decided to take charge in hand to lighten as healthily as possible of her extra pounds. She says that she followed the famous Weight Watchers diet to the letter , accompanying her with sports sessions. Jennifer Hudson has lost no less than 36 kilos and is more radiant than ever! A great success, lasting moreover.

Like a number of women, pop singer and actress Janet Jackson (49) is a follower of the yoyo effect , still oscillating between spectacular catches and equally spectacular weight losses.


Formerly round, Nicole Richie (34) , adopted daughter of singer Soul Lionel Richie, discovered in the reality show little interest Simple Life , melted in a flash thanks to the good advice stylist & relookeuse stars Rachel Zoé . Results? The now stylish hyppie chic in the wind, wife of Joel Madden and mom of two children is regularly taxed with anorexic. His silhouette hyper frail and bony poses indeed question.


Successful rapper and producer Timbaland (44) has shed 60 kilos in 8 months. Wow, hats down! It is on his Instagram account that the artist posted a photo of his incredible weight loss, legend:  “In the past eight months, I have lost more than 60 kilos.” Thanks to my positive frame of mind, I knew that I had to take the initiative to be happy and healthy. When you realize that the only thing that keeps you from accomplishing your goals is doubt, you must wake up and continue the fight You have to do it for yourself, do it for yourself, live for yourself, honor yourself, never lose sight of it. Respect!



It is to play the role of a football player with cancer in the film Things Fall Apart , that the rapper 50 Cent (40 years) with salient and supra-drawn muscles, did not hesitate to lose 25 Kilos in record time (barely 2 months) in 2010. Since then, 50 cent has regained its muscular build. We are, I believe, numerous to appreciate it thus!


The talk show host Oprah Winfrey (62), the pop star of the small American dormer, author of a brace of best-sellers , an Oscar-nominated actress, an experienced businesswoman and incontestable people , has always struggled against her Kilos superfluous. Oprah is also a member of the board of directors of Weight Watchersin 2015. Still a convinced follower of this diet but with the pounds still recalcitrant …


The Gray’s Anatomy , Scandal , Private Practice and Murder  series are the resounding success of discrete director and screenwriter Shonda Rimes (46). More than busty in the past, Shonda Rimes is today a new woman, transformed, transformed and full of life after losing more than 50 kilos! Her motivation: to be healthy to see her three little girls grow and flourish. His secret? There is no such thing as a healthier diet and sports, which Shonda Rimes admits to having hated! And most certainly a sports coach , a cook and a nutritionist.

Does a tenant have to clean up at the end of the lease cleaning contract?

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At the end of the lease contract, draw up an inventory of the places of exit with your tenant. Describe the condition of the dwelling. Also have this inventory checked by your tenant.


If the home is not clean or if the tenant has not done what is mentioned in the lease agreement, try to find an agreement with him. For example, you may agree that you can have your house cleaned by a Vacate cleaning Melbourne service at your own expense (in which case you will deduct the cost of cleaning the rental guarantee). In particular, you can suggest a few names and addresses of cleaning services and have your tenant sign the agreement for the cleaning work done by one of these companies.



If you can not find an agreement with your tenant and you want to obtain compensation, because the home is not returned in a clean state, you must then take legal action before the justice of the peace. Think carefully beforehand if the game is worth the candle. Be aware that if you have not prepared an inventory at the beginning of the lease, your tenant could argue that the house was not clean either when he took possession of it.

The teacher who teaches sounds of peace

Edinson Fernando López draws with his index finger in the air what his green eyes saw in a child’s drawing several years ago: three curved lines that longed to look like mountains, Something that looked very like a helicopter, Dashed lines that were not raindrops but bullets and several more lines whose lines were unmistakable: assault rifles.

It was a sad, but strangely beautiful drawing. One of her pupils had produced it in cardboard as a result of a simple exercise: the children of the class had to recreate what for them was Toribio. And you see that for all, in that room, Toribio was that: a people accustomed to feel the bullets descending every moment from the mountains and sometimes, also, from the sky.

For the rest of Colombia it is almost the same: a population of the north-east of Cauca that has been crucified in the sections of public order of the newspapers with the sad fame of being the municipality of the country most attacked by the guerrillas. Figures, like children, do not lie. Since 1979, Left-wing groups in arms, especially the FARC, have carried out about 600 harassments and taken the town in 100 opportunities. So the life of the Toribians has been, for the past 30 years, to mend their town with seamstress patience, over and over and over again.

Professor Edinson, whose image of white skin and green eyes does not make it clear, once you know him, that he is a man who was born among these mountains, 37 years ago, in the shelter of San Francisco, conformed, Such as 98% of the inhabitants of Toribio, by nasa natives.

It is not that his student’s drawing surprised him, he clarifies. It is that, instead of arms, he would have preferred that the boys draw clarinets, transverse flutes, guitars, Trombones or any of the instruments that daily faces them in the School of Music of Toribio.

That school came ten years ago, convened by the Ministry of Culture and an ambitious program that still exists and is known as the National Plan for Music for Coexistence. And in it he sits right now, in an orderly and neat office, preparing his classes at the foot of a computer.

The school, which only has a budget of 22 million pesos per year, is based in a narrow, two-storey house, located just in front of the small town square and a few steps from the San Juan Bautista Church. On the first floor – where we are now – the House of Culture operates, there are several rooms naked and one, dark, especially packed with instruments, carefully kept in black cases; The second floor is a continuum of public offices, from the Umata to the Ministry of Health.

It is a Friday morning and, while the teacher is talking, outside beneficiaries of the Families in Action program quickly collect their subsidy because the mood of the sky has begun to decompose and threatens one of those rains of uncontrollable crying. “You and the photographer,” says the professor, “came in good time. We have taken a month and a half of a calm suspicion, many believe that so much silence, so much absence of bullet, is because suddenly the guerrilla is preparing to make a worse attack.

It is a basic suspicion of survival in Toribio. A sign, apparently, just as unequivocal as the fact that he spent a whole day without seeing a single car going up to the village. Something bad is going to happen, Is believed immediately. It is that the 32 thousand Toribians, despite so many years of war, so many days of blood and terror, have not learned to dope the feeling of fear. Believe one, rather, that you have tamed it.

The simple dry sound of a drum manages to disturb the nerves, to make people jump to the ground fearing the start of a new ambush. It was what happened last Holy Thursday, minutes before a night procession. Some decorated saints, the ladies put flowers. Someone sounded the drum of a band, invited from Jambaló, and the scene that followed was etched in the retinas of this stubborn master: people running in all directions and people huddled in search of shelter.

Only came out of the doubt when you heard the sweet sound of a lyre. It was not, therefore, The beginning of one of those concerts of bullets that in the stony days of the conflict extends until two days. They were sounds of peace. The people breathed a sigh of relief.

And that happens rarely. Not so, for example, on July 11, 2011, when a ladder bus, known as chivas – the most common means of transport in the area, after the motorcycles – flew through the air at the foot of the trenches Located near the police station.

It was a Saturday, market day. As the smoke dissipated, the Toribians knew that one hundred of them had been injured. The locksmith melbourne, a cockerel and the butcher had died. A police sergeant was so ruined that only one leg was found. There were more than a hundred houses that were destroyed, as if arranged for an autopsy.

And the school? Professor Edinson’s school? Several parts of the goose that fired after the detonation went to fall into a back room, whose roof did not resist and went to the ground. Fortunately, it was not a school morning. The instruments were unharmed. It was as if the criminal action of the FARC would have allowed the weakness not to damage the whole place where the teacher teaches his boys sounds of life. The sounds of peace.

So, if that’s so, you soon realize that Edinson López’s job is not to teach his students how to read the musical grammar on a staff. How to get a note on a bassoon or a flute. That is simple, in the long run.

In a town where so many arrive with the intention of giving the wrong direction to the death, its work consists in actually making its students interpret corridors and bambucos ignoring that from the womb of their mothers they are tuning the ear, without wanting, to distinguish With the correct sounds of war: the burst of tattoos, the explosion of bomb cylinders, the blasts of rifle.

Here, in Toribio, where to live and die remains for so many people a face and seal, the obverse and the reverse of the same thing, the teacher Edinson Lopez has managed to achieve that the three generations who have already passed through his school Turn the music into necessity, in a way to be saved from the loss.

He says in his own way Luis Ángel Murillo, A skinny young man of 14 years whom Edinson taught to interpret the cornet and to cultivate a sanguine love by the music. Luis Ángel imagines himself studying his instrument professionally when he finishes the school. Not long ago, the boy came to the House of Culture. It’s just after 2:30 pm on this Friday and in a few minutes I will see how the place will fill up with the voices and distracted notes that begin to sound the 45 children and young people, between 8 and 17 years, who Currently receive classes.

Luis Ángel has been attending for five years. And in that period has been three guerrilla harassment, in full class. “It always gives me scrapie and the scare lasts for several days, although one is later getting used to it, and sometimes I even forget it. When the bullets are no longer heard, I take my instrument and walk out to my house. I do not know the teacher how he does it, but I’ve never seen him in fear. As the guerrillas and the police shoot out there, he calls our dads to reassure them. ”

Other children do not react the same. Professor Edinson thinks of Frank. In Frank’s fear. A couple of months ago, the little clarinetist added to the sad figure that the teacher notes in a notebook: between 10% and 15% of the children he receives each year must leave school because their families move because of the violence.

Almost all of them do it to the south of the country, Nariño or Putumayo, explains the mayor of Toribio, Ezequiel Vitonás; Other families migrate more towards the Eastern Plains and others less towards the Valle del Cauca.

“When that happens,” says the teacher in a broken voice, “there is tremendous impotence. It is an unequal struggle with war. They have guns that frighten me, I only have guitars and trumpets to make these children happy. What can I do in front of a mother who says to me, desperate, profe, I can not stand it anymore! Just wish her luck, and that child who will probably miss music forever. ”

It was also what happened with Cristian Darío Julicué. Also clarinetist. He lived with his mother, a nurse, in the village of Pueblo Viejo de Toribio. Years ago, he walked every day, with enthusiasm, the 45 minutes that separated his house from the music school. One day of many, with his clarinet packed in a case, walking on a trail of the ridge, He felt a red laser light in his chest, an unmistakable sign that someone was pointing him in the distance. Then came a requisition. Then fearful explanations. No, Mr. Police, except for my instrument in that briefcase, I carry nothing else. His mother believed that on another occasion the guardian angel of the child would not be so diligent and preferred to send the boy to finish his studies in a school in Pasto.

Goodbye clarinet … One hears those painful stories and then he wonders why, after ten years, Professor Edinson is still in Toribio. Resisting, making homeland. Exposing the skin daily. Living alone in a room, away from Santiago Alejandro and Maria del Mar, their children aged 15 and 7, who wait for their father to arrive every weekend, safe and sound, to Popayán, Where the two have lived with their mother for several years, after the teacher understood that he could not follow them exposing the intransigence of the war.

Claudia Cruz, director of the Fundación Polifonía, who leads musical training projects in Cauca and coordinates the National Music Plan for Coexistence in that department, ventures a single word in response: gratitude. “The only reason Professor Edinson does not quit his job, despite the difficulties, is the sense of belonging to his people. He was not only born there, but also had the opportunity to learn music. He did it professionally, at the University of Cauca, but he knows well that there are many other young people who do not have the same fate and life does not make that wink.

Is that when you are young or a child in a town like Toribio you encounter the difficult reality that, although you represent 53% of the total population, there are few options for progress that you face. Vitonás, in his office, lists some of them: sowing tomatoes, pumpkin, arracacha, potato cider, or that long onion so famous in Cavasa that it sells well in galleries in Cali. You can also associate to grow trout or plant that coffee that for four years has own brand ‘Quescafé’, which in nasa means ‘Our coffee’.

And that sounds nice, yes, but it is a municipality that, according to the mayor himself, has 68% of his basic needs unsatisfied. Of the 66 lanes in Toribio (where the bulk of the population lives), 40 do not have electricity. 90% of them do not receive potable water in their homes, 2,884 families do their needs in open fields and about 4,000 children are left without a place to study. To achieve this, Mayor Vitonás would have to build 60 classrooms. And in this town there is no silver.

While that reality slaps his kids, Professor Edinson resists. He does not complain. Proposes. Three years ago he asked for help in founding a similar school in San Francisco, the shelter where he was born, but he had no echo. No matter: armed with improvised flutes with PVC pipes, made by himself, he went there to continue seducing with music, like Pied Piper of Hamelin. Soon, a dozen children came to the call.

Intuye one that the professor Edinson López has made of his office a form of rebellion. He purposely ignores the harsh reality of the people and prefers to talk about dreams: the greatest is to be able to form an orchestra of 200 children musicians. “Can you imagine? All playing time “… Maybe I will. He does not mind that he has not been paid for four months or his contract for service is as stable as a house at the foot of a volcano. What goes: the day will come when students draw guitars instead of rifles. The day when, thanks to his dramatic sense of duty, Toribio forever changes the sounds of bullets to those of a traverse flute. He does not mind that he has not been paid for four months or his contract for service is as stable as a house at the foot of a volcano. What goes: the day will come when students draw guitars instead of rifles. The day when, thanks to his dramatic sense of duty, Toribio forever changes the sounds of bullets to those of a traverse flute. He does not mind that he has not been paid for four months or his contract for service is as stable as a house at the foot of a volcano. What goes: the day will come when students draw guitars instead of rifles. The day when, thanks to his dramatic sense of duty, Toribio forever changes the sounds of bullets to those of a traverse flute.

Paulina R. published a “dressed” image with sexy lingerie and shook social networks

The Mexican singer shook the nets after uploading an image where she saw sexy lingerie: Her fans lived it as seldom.

SURVEY: “Music and Us”

We are students of secondary 7 at Lycée Edgar Faure and we carried out a survey on the cultural practices of high school students, Points2Shop Review and especially their relation to music.

For this reason we interviewed two classes of the vocational high school and compared the results to those obtained at national level for different age groups.

For the class of BMA Bijouterie: According
to our results we note that their musical styles are RnB, rock and electro while the elders (of 60 years and more) listen more classical music and French variety and n ‘ Listen to little or no RnB.
We can see that almost 90% of students in this class listen to music every day,unlike older people, for example, over 24% of French people aged 65 and over do not listen to music.
BMA students are more interested in rhythm or melody than lyrics.
Most interviewees listen to music while doing an activity,

Young people are more likely to listen to music on the computer while older listeners listen to CDs. Finally 70% of the young people interviewed have already gone to a concert.
For the CAP class:
Boys listen to rap, electro and reggae. Rap is one of the favorite music genres. Boys listen to music every day on the internet or on their phone. What interests them the most are the words then the rhythm and the melody. Students in this class listen to music by going to high school, doing homework, doing sports, dreaming.

Half of the boys have already gone to a concert.

When compared with other men in the French population, 15% of 15 -30-year-olds listen to HBP and 7% of the electro, whereas men aged 63 and over do not listen at all.

Then we found that 100% of the boys in the class studied listened to music every day but in the national poll 50% of men aged 15 to 30 listen to music every day and only 20% in men of 63 Years and over.

Lastly, in the class studied, 70% listen to their music via Internet, compared with 36% of men aged 15 to 30 and 2% of men aged 63 and over.

Programming kitchen for singers

The culinary talent of TVE will count tonight with the participation of artists such as Niña Pastori, Manuel Carrasco or Pablo López. The France-Albania of the Eurocup, ‘Invictus’ and the first match of the Endesa League final, also today on television

Macarena de Castro, chef of the Jardín restaurant, will teach aspirants the secrets of vegetarian cuisine. Without knowing it, the contestants will cook for some of the most important singers in the country, such as Manuel Carrasco, Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, José Mercé, Antonio Carmona, Niña Pastori and Diana Navarro. The best test cook will get the golden apron, which will lead you directly to the semifinal of ‘MasterChef’.

In the outdoor event, the applicants will anchor in the bay of Palma, in Puerto Portals (Mallorca), one of the most prestigious nautical resorts in the Mediterranean celebrating its 30th anniversary. There they will work like authentic professionals taking care of the commands of the yachts of the port in 20 minutes.

Singers Carolina Cerezuela and Jaime Anglada, model Lorena Bernal and exfutbolistas Alfonso Pérez and Iván Campo, among other guests, will enjoy this lunch. During the test, the candidates will have the support and advice of Vicky Pulgarín, the winner of ‘MasterChef’ 2.

The black aprons will have to learn a lot from the sea to save them from the expulsion, since in the last test of the night, the chef of the Sea Ángel León (two Michelin stars) will challenge the aspirants to cook three different dishes with fish in 30, 20 and 10 minutes. The aspirant who does not deserve to be in the semifinal will have to hang his apron and leave the kitchens Delta Faucet of ‘MasterChef’).

The Cantabrian artist will attend the program to celebrate the success of his new album, ‘Amor de los dos’, the tenth album of his career, an album of versions of Mexican songs produced by Jorge Avendaño and, from the very day of its publication , On June 3, was number 1 on iTunes.

In this work of fourteen songs, Bustamante versions the great classics of music from Mexico, from ‘Bésame’ a lot to ‘History of a love’, and also includes duets with great artists from that country like Alejandro Fernández, Alicia Villarreal or Edith Márquez .

Macarena and Zulema exchange their roles in the new ‘Vis a vis’ (22:40)

The roles have been reversed: while Macarena maintains order in prison with the help of the dams that now work for her, Zulema strives to be a model of good behavior, pending negotiations with Castillo. With Susana and her husband the dead kidnapper, Zulema is the only one who knows where Amaia was locked up. Castillo needs it, even if he has to undergo his blackmail.

Anabel left seclusion and has received his first revenge: Curls has broken ankles. Now Anabel has a vis a vis and knows that they will be careful in the searches later, in case she has decided to take the opportunity to replenish the merchandise she sells inside Cruz del Sur. However, Macarena does not want to leave room for doubt and that is done again with the marketing of drugs in jail, so that his cronies brutally register again to make sure he does not carry anything.

Roman recovered the three million euros that Zulema hid in Morocco, although they cost him a hand. That money is what Macarena needs to escape. For the moment, Ferreiro must go to a hearing with the judge for the murder of Karim, and Fabio will accompany him will the prey use his departure to undertake a new escape?

Rizos has to assume that his story with Macarena is over, so he resumes his relationship with Saray. The gypsy is happier than ever because it seems that, for the first time, the mulatto included her in her plans for the future.

Sole and Fernando have their first couple crisis. He asks him to talk to a criminal lawyer to review his sentence and that he can leave before jail, but Sole does not want to. This first crisis will have an unexpected end for everyone.

Miranda seeks advice and support from Sandoval; Investors are still pressuring her and Dr. Sandoval is always willing to help her … to make the most of the situation.

7 Must Have Movies for Music Students

Music Artist’s Top 10 of the best kitchen robots

The food processor or food processor should be in all kitchens. This all-purpose kitchen aid offers so many different features that you will not want to miss one of these popular kitchen equipment. There are endless fields of applications in the cooking, cooking, brushing, cutting, chopping and processing of pastas, breads, vegetables and meat. Once used it will ask how you could live without this incredible appliance.

Comparison of kitchen robots and food processor 2017

The classic kitchen robot is the famous Thermomix. It is a luxury device that is both blender, kneader and heats. It can be programmed and there are plenty of recipes that you can easily do. Similar devices like the Thermomix are for example of Moulinex, H. Koenig and Kenwood. Until they have additional functions such as slow cooking, such as a slow cooker or crockpot (for eg prepaired pulled pork), steam cooks – some are simpler a programmable cooker.

Which kitchen robot is better?

On the other side there are the kitchen machines that are often called kneading mixer and best mini food processors – ideal for making all kinds of pasta and dough. Some of these have additional accessories for chopping vegetables (or grating or chopping), or an extra bowl mixer. Some devices have a lot of accessories that you can buy like juicers, meat choppers, rolling mill or pasta maker to make spaghetti and other pasta and noodles. In this list are the popular universal food processors that were purchased by other customers. To be precise they are the best sellers of 2017 at the moment – it means that in this list there are classic kneading mixers and novelties of kitchen robots. As always, the offer is incredible, and the producers will be overcome with features and applications.

Bake bread with kitchen robots

The popularity of a kitchen robot represents a good index for sale. When thinking about buying a kitchen robot many questions arise, about what is the best food processor or kitchen robot. Think about the areas in which you want to use a food processor or a kitchen robot in the future. Chop the onion, cut the lettuce into bite sized pieces, mix herbs and dressings, prepare a cake or prepare onions and potatoes for the tortilla or rather try new batters and bake bread and go to the secret of a good yeast dough in the background ? A juicer / blender with blender is especially convenient if you like freshly squeezed juices. Again, the advantage of a kitchen robot is that a machine does the work of many kitchen appliances.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances – With the Best Kitchen Robots

Of course a kitchen robot is not cheap, but it really saves several other machines and also a lot of space. Make sure before you buy that all the pieces are included in the kitchen robot variant you have chosen. In special editions, there are sometimes plenty of extras, such as the ice cream machine, special vegetable cutting discs, a blender or a meat grinder. Easy to use, easy to clean and nice volume when working despite the strong engine: Consider a lot before buying a kitchen robot. Even if the quality of the processing of the machine is good, the color is correct and a long life is expected. Professional manufacturers provide a long guarantee.

Good value for kitchen robots

It is nice if you know that new kitchen appliances last a lifetime. The kitchen robot is very good gift: Especially popular are the kitchen robot or the universal kitchen machine as a Christmas, birthday or Easter gift . Compare prices and experiences with food processors can be found in the comments of other customers – click on the kitchen robot that you like and you will find the opinions of customers. Here you can see which aspects of the kitchen robot look great, while others are perhaps less necessary.

Mythos, Clay Paky’s Musical Show Projector

The Mythos projector from the Clay Paky brand is characterized by its versatility, precision and power, which has led to numerous international awards and recognition in important shows such as the Super Bowl or Eurovision .

Mythos, is the first 470W projector that allows spot and beam in a single device, producing a light beam defined and equipped with a zoom ranging from 4 ° to 50 °. Its light beam is luminous and with perfectly defined edges, adaptable to all types of applications.

This projector was one of the luminaires used in the last edition of Eurovision, which took place last Saturday in Stockholm. Clay Paky, subsidiary of Osram, was in charge of illuminating the performers in this musical spectacle.

Its optics allows to change from spot to beam with an angle of only 0.5º. With a distance kilometer, it offers a beam parallel to the lens and allows to use the gobos offering very dynamic effects.

Transition of colors and filters

Zoom is optimized for focus, which is independent of fixed and rotating gobos. Its movements are smooth, fast and quiet, offering a wide range of visual effects thanks to its fixed and rotating gobos, and to its visual graphic disc that rotates not only at different speeds, but also in both directions. In this way, it makes possible the overlapping gobos.

On the other hand, its CMY allows to mix colors thanks to being equipped with a fixed color range, passing from one to another through a smooth transition. It also has two CTO filters and one CTB, which allows for pastel colors. Its high-precision attenuator and variable frequency strobe effect make it a very complete lamp.

The novel Mythos allows you to switch to a minimum fixed beam angle of just 2.5 °. Its light comes out of the front lens and remains parallel throughout its length, even at great distances. Mythos is a very versatile and indispensable tool in any production.

Clay Paky’s official distributor in Spain is Stonex . With more than 35 years of experience in the show business, Stonex offers comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and lighting to professional use. You can visit here

Celebrity Angelina Jolie removed ovaries

Two years after undergoing a mastectomy, Brad Pitt’s wife was operated again “because she had a small tumor and wanted to prevent cancer,” she said.

Film star Angelina Jolie announced today that she underwent surgery to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to avoid the risk of cancer two years after undergoing a double mastectomy in centreville obgyn.
Actor Brad Pitt ‘s wife and mother of six said in a column in the New York Times that she underwent surgery last week after blood tests showed what could be early signs of ovarian cancer, Who killed his mother at age 56.
Jolie, who is a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation that increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, said she had made public her decision to help other at-risk women know the options.
“I’ve gone through what I imagine thousands of other women have felt. I told myself to stay calm, to be strong, and that there is no reason to think that I will not live to see my children grow and to meet my grandchildren “, he claimed.
“The most important thing is to know the options and choose the right one for you personally,” added Jolie, 39, who won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Girl Interrupted (1999). As the United Nations ambassador for refugees.
The actress said the surgery had shown no signs of cancer, but triggered an early menopause and could not have more children. “I feel feminine and confident with the decisions I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say ‘Mom died of ovarian cancer,'” she wrote.
Dr. Robert DeBernardo, a gynecologist and oncologist at the Ob / Gyn & Women’s Health Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, said that surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes with the goal of reducing cancer risk was becoming an option that More and more women are choosing.
But he warned that the intervention does not completely eliminate the risk of the disease because ovarian cancer can also attack cells that line the abdomen, he added.
“Someone like Angelina Jolie has reduced her risk of cancer as much as possible,” said DeBernardo. “But you can not take it to zero.”
Jolie said Pitt flew from France to be at his side hours after telling him about the analysis. “The beauty of such moments in life is that there is so much clarity,” said the actress. “You know what you live for and what matters,” he added.
The Hollywood star revealed the decision to have a double mastectomy in an editorial in the New York Times in May 2013 and was widely supported by celebrities, cancer survivors and doctors.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 20,000 women get ovarian cancer and about 14,500 die every year in the United States.

A kayaker and musician use the oil left to fry potatoes as fuel to travel around the country

Two young adventurers from Bariloche visited our editorial office to tell us about the travel details they are making in the country, which began a few days ago but without a certain date of return.

René Amblitti, a musician, and Daniel Rodríguez, a kayaker, are the friends who will travel in their truck fueled with oil used potato chips the routes of Argentina and Chile, and in the localities where they make stopover, they ask for the local rotiserias Fryers for use as fuel.

During his visit to San Rafael and our environment, René explained that “we are actually creating a precedent, we are encouraged because we have been investigating, and any gas-powered vehicle can use this type of fuel.” They pointed out that “we ordered the oil, we filtered it and added it in the tank … and it works normally”. They added that “we can use any kind of oil, sunflower, soy, it seems half taboo, but actually can be used perfectly well, and contaminates less,” he said.

For his part, Daniel said that “our idea is to reach Central America, Colombia or Ecuador, and el test más grande del 2017 show that it is a normal way to travel. The consumption of the truck is equal to diesel, we make about 100 kilometers with 10 liters of oil, but it’s hard to get it, despite being burned oil that no one uses and is thrown away.

And he completed the information confirming that “we put together the oil we got in a drums that we used a filter and we passed it to a tank and let it rest all night, and the next day we have fuel to continue our journey. Although when we walk is a bit of a smell of fried (laughs), it is an alternative fuel to diesel that people do not know or are not encouraged to use, being that does not do anything to the engine according to what we explained people who Use it, “he concluded.

These adventurers asked the San Raffaele to save their fryers oil and they will pass to remove it, so they left their telephone contact 2944311318 or 2944322588, or through Facebook to Daniel Rodriguez Clayton.

Artist turned in a kayak at sea with her twins

Conductor Paola Rojas, singer Daniela Magun and actresses Geraldine Bazán and Andrea Torre are part of the campaign of the “Army of Moms say yes of Danonino” who this morning offered a workshop in the Park Pilares of Colonia Del Valle where they shared Their experiences during the process of seeing their children grow.

Under the motto “Say yes to the autonomy of your children,” the celebrities spoke of the importance it represents for them to foster dependence on infants who carry the parent-child relationship to give them that confidence and freedom in small adventures to develop his identity.

“When I started to be a mom I was very careful, and I was not going to fall, and I was very protective, so I realized that with that they were afraid children, insecure and now they do all kinds of activities to feel safe,” he told JDS The news driver who confirmed that her new broadcast will be called “Al aire con Paola Rojas”.

Returning from a trip in Los Cabos, he told an anecdote with his twins Paulo and Leonardo, 7, in the sea. “We were in the sea and we saw a group of dolphins but I thought it was a good idea to get into the 2 man kayak and get a little closer, then the kayak was turned, but we are from the sea and we look for ways to get in.

“I was not scared, I was able to keep calm, I was able to calm them down, then I kayak them, and I put them first, I help them to get out where they do not stick, they breathe, I said, ‘Calm down, The kayak turned down and I climbed one on each side to have balance and then I sat back as if I were a horse and paddled to the shore, “said the wife of Luis Roberto Alves.

This was a way of exploring this autonomy that the children should have, such is the case of Geraldine Bazán who has also been a protective mother of her little girls, Elisa Marie and Miranda, but thanks to this campaign she has managed to set the course.

“I’m learning from this Army and I’ve learned from an early age that we have to be able to make decisions and we’re going to make mistakes as adults,” said Geraldine, declaring herself a mother hen because she often cares that her daughters do not pass up anything when the reality is that Must have some autonomy.

In the case of Daniela Magún, who is a mother of two children Julian, 7, and Liam, 3, says that today women must be multifaceted and has been able to combine their work with the Kabah tours at the same time to give her Space to her children, although she counts on the support of her husband, she is one of the three parties.

“I have been able to do well, I have been very aware of seeing my children, to see what their needs are in school, with their teachers and I have realized that as women we can be wives, mothers, professionals and not miss our Children, “he concluded.

The campaign continues its march through several states of the Republic where artists along with a larger Army continue giving this workshop to hundreds of mothers supported by Dr. Nancy Steinberg, who serves as the head of this campaign in favor of autonomy children.

The accountant, the banker and the producers

To better understand the issue of the “disc” tax credit, we interviewed the accountant Antoine Cocquebert, the music manager of Ifcic Mathieu De Seauve and two representatives of producer unions, Olivier Mahieux de l UPFI and Hervé Rony of Snep.

Antoine Cocquebert, auditor, accountant at Wired expertise and curator and author of the report on Financing the Record Industry , 2004.

What are the limits of the tax credit for small labels?

First, they have understood that this may concern them. Even if they do not make money and do not pay corporation tax, the “negative” tax will be refunded. Most small labels are composed of people who do everything in their structure. This arrangement may be cumbersome to implement in relation to the amounts involved. This, however, is similar to the files that contractors have already filled in (FCM or SPPF type), but with more subtleties and blurring in the definitions of the eligible expenses and under the conditions. Even the experienced accountants of the majors have difficulty in interpreting certain parts of the applicable texts.

A fortiori, it is feared that the small labels do not have the adequate staff to deal with it. The alternative is the use of an accountant who will cost them a significant part of the expected return. Moreover, the texts stipulate that the file must be validated by a chartered accountant and an auditor. Finally, it is necessary to understand both times of the device.

The risk of fiscal control and recovery seems high, as with all previous tax credit schemes in other sectors, which has led many companies to give up. Controllers who have performance constraints do not necessarily understand all the subtleties of the music industry, where they are both publisher and producer. As a result, the tax credit, which is a well-marked device that must be In accordance with its accounting, is likely to be the object of all their attention during a control, as it proves to be a good ratio of time spent / recovery potential.

Is it not a device that structures the sector by forcing to acquire skills?

In my opinion, in this area where you learn a lot on the job, you do not have a real background study to know what the public’s expectations and budgetary possibilities are: what is a fair price for a CD and for how long Will they sell and how?What is the right price for the download? How much of the budget disks has been transferred to telephony or other leisure stations, what is the real shortfall of downloading, and so on. This would make it possible to develop devices adapted to the reality of the market. The tax credit is a very punctual device and does not really structure. This may help to get a heading (it still stops next year, which seems very short), but it lacks sufficiently clear leads to learn more about what might be viable tomorrow.

If the tax credit is to be used to make a record more than one will not find in the ferries or if one can not buy in a legal way, what is the interest? This can even help push a little more a business and make a disappointed artist.

It may be useful to consider training for entrepreneurs to understand how the tax credit works and to provide documentation to their accountant (who is often a board that does not necessarily Specificities of the musical world).

Olivier Mahieux, Head of Economic Affairs at  Upfi

What is the tax credit for your members?

The tax credit is a big plus for these independent structures. According to our calculations, this represents between 5% and 15% of the result of a label. This allowed some labels to develop (following the example of Wagram who created other labels). In terms of investment, it is a very strong incentive.

But do businesses have to be structured enough to facilitate that work?

The tax credit alone is not enough … But it is significant enough to have an impact on investment, such as the extension to the payroll that is provided for in the new provisions.

For the self-employed, this is an incentive in the sense that some labels will take more risks knowing that they will recover part of their investment.

What is the return of UPFI members on this tax mechanism?

They are satisfied with the device as a whole. The difficulty is that some small structures do not necessarily have the administrative skills to set up this file, which is very similar to the devices for requesting assistance to the SPPF (justifications, etc.). For microstructures, there will not necessarily be the means or the training necessary to properly mount its file.

Upfi helps its members, answers questions from producers, and informs them of the dates of expert committees (note: the referent to the Upfi is Olivier Mahieux). Thus, at the level of the editing of the file, certain subtleties have to be mastered, particularly in the context of the first expenses taken into account, the filing of the file, etc.

The new mood of the tax credit being studied is an opportunity for Upfi to work to simplify this procedure for its members.

Is the tax credit sufficient to solve the record industry crisis?

This is a significant support, since the amount that can be recovered by a producer is 1.1 million euros. However, it is not the only tax credit that will put producers back on the streets, but it is essential that the label be managed properly and that success be achieved. The purpose of the tax credit is to encourage producers to invest in artists and not to try to act like the majors who have divested themselves of production by trying to reduce costs to maintain their margins.

Independents are more aggressive in seeking to develop through increased supply and investment. The tax credit is a good device to encourage a producer to develop music and new talent. What is required of a producer is to take risks and develop new talents.

And even small structures that have three years of existence and are subject to the IS can access the device. Indeed, in fact, a company not paying the IS can receive a check from the tax department as a tax credit.

The tax credit is intended exclusively for the development of new talent.

Should there be other complementary devices?

The Ifcic fund is a beautiful tool that will be re-bounced and which touches a much more structural level, since the labels that are in need of working capital, will be able to develop new artists and bookkeeping services newcastle to absorb digital changes.

What has the tax credit contributed to your members?

The one already in force has undoubtedly helped the record companies, but the totality of the sum defined by these criteria (10 to 11 million €) has not been used. This led to the decision to create the second tax credit on the basis of ten million euros with an increase in the admissible criteria. But I am not sure that it will be possible for phonographic production to reach this maximum threshold before the end of the program (Editor’s note: especially in a context where despite investment in production, record sales are still falling).

What feedback did your members give you?

The SNEP is not part of the expert committees for the granting of licenses, so I do not necessarily know the details of the difficulties encountered in examining the files.

But I can still say that the device was judged rather complicated and not clear, it missed a practical information to inform the record companies on this subject. In addition, some record companies were adversely affected by the closing date of their accounts. Some, such as EMI, have thus lost at least six months of benefit from the tax credit.

The first version of the tax credit did not meet certain expectations of our members, which changed with the second version. For the latter, Snep wanted the whole of French-language production to be taken into account (in the same way as the film version of the tax credit), particularly in the situation of the disc, as the most important artists need Investments. The government, by keeping the new talents as a criterion, chose instead to take account of the permanent employees responsible for production, up to 1.1 million if there is no dismissal and if sales of sales Digital music is up by 3% annually. Which is not without problems … However, being able to go from 400 000 to 800 000 euros remains very interesting!

What can we do to go further?

Between the new edition of the tax credit, the increase in the Ifcic advance fund (by setting aside the FAI tax for now and hoping that sales of recordings will rise again), we believe that All the devices requested from the new government. There are avenues to be explored, such as the adjustment of the business tax calculated on value added, the amortization rules for clips, but above all the question of VAT at a reduced rate, which has a European dimension. As for the debate on new funding from an ISP tax, that is another matter. The Snep is not on this line.


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